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If you meet the requirements for UK Pharmacists jobs, register with PJ Locums to generate your CV. If successful, we will contact you to arrange an appointment on arrival in the UK.


Applicants wanting to work in the UK can only work as Pharmacy Technicians prior to registration with the RPS. Applicants from Australia and New Zealand need only complete a pre-registration period of 4 weeks in order to meet the RPS standards to work as a Pharmacist. This may change however in the future and it is advisable to check current RPS requirements prior to your arrival in the UK.

The period of pre-registration for applicants from South Africa is in excess of 12 months. Registration with the RPS is compulsory in order to work as a Pharmacist; there is also a requirement to attend a written examination at the end of this period.

South African Pharmacists wishing to work in the UK can only work as Pharmacy Technicians whilst undergoing their pre-registration.

Members of the EU also have a registration period and must check with the RPS to determine the length.

UK Grades are:

A Grade - represents a newly qualified

B Grade - represents 2 years post qualifying experience

C Grade - represents 3 years post qualifying experience

D Grade - represents 4 years post qualifying experience

E Grade - represents 5 years post qualifying experience incorporating management skills

Locum Areas of Speciality for Pharmacists:

RPS registration and information can be obtained from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society: